Company Profile

Denis Muller & Associates was established in 1995.

The Principal is Denis Muller, whose curriculum vitae is given under  biography

The firm specialises in carrying out sensitive social and policy research in a variety of public policy and commercial fields.

The firm has a client base across a range of public policy fields, including:

Aboriginal Affairs
The Law
The Environment

It also has a substantial client base among firms in the private sector, including:

Government relations
Merchant banking and investment


Collaboration with
Irving Saulwick & Associates

Much of the work of Denis Muller & Associates has been carried out in collaboration with Irving Saulwick, Principal of Irving Saulwick & Associates, including all the major reports listed in the Research Report section of this website.

For all the JOBfutures/Saulwick Employee Sentiment Surveys, Irving Saulwick was the principal researcher. This is also true for the surveys carried out for The Age, Melbourne.

Many other research projects have been done by Irving Saulwick and Denis Muller under their collaborative business name, Saulwick Muller Social Research.

Irving Saulwick can reached by email at
or by phone on 03 9537 2192.

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