Writing Workshops

Denis Muller conducts workshops to sharpen the writing skills of professional people.

They are designed to encourage people to write clearly for the purposes and audiences of their work.

The workshops are both instructional and interactive. Participants work on their own material so that the activities are directly relevant to their working lives.

The workshops cover two main areas:

Principles of good writing.
Principles of composition.

They are vocational rather than creative in approach.



Dr Muller brings to this work 27 years' experience as a newspaper journalist, during which he was Chief Sub-editor of The Sydney Morning Herald, among other things.

The length of the workshops can be tailored to an organization's requirements. The minimum time required is four hours. If participants need to do fairly complex writing as part of their work, eight hours is usually necessary. This can be broken into two four-hour blocks.

To find out more or arrange a workshop please contact by email at  denismuller@optusnet.com.au

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