Media Accountability in a Liberal Democracy
An Examination of the Harlot's Prerogative

Here you can read the:

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  introduction, and chapter synopses (pdf 140KB)

from Dr Muller's the PhD thesis

The full text of the thesis can be found down loaded as a PDF file:
 download full text (pdf 244KB)

The transcript of an interview on ABC Radio National's Media Report about the issues raised by the thesis can be found on the ABC website:
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Media Ethics and
Associated Services

Dr Muller's doctoral thesis, Media Accountability in a Liberal Democracy, focused on media ethics. Coupled with his 27-year career in journalism, this provides the basis for his standing as a recognised media ethicist.

In this capacity he has devised an ethics course for Fairfax Media journalists which forms part of the company's editorial induction program.

He is also an Honorary Fellow of the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics at the University of Melbourne, with particular responsibility to develop the Centre's capacity in the field of media ethics.

He provides an individual and confidential ethics referral service for journalists.

Access to this service is by email at
or by telephone on 03 9349 3994.


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